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Enchanted Mail Monthly Subscription- Ecliptic Mail

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Monthly  Enchantment arrives at your door every month automatically. Each item is selectively chosen by guided intuition. These divine tools will assist in your intention settings and manifesting work. The set contain a variety of items from gemstones and mineral specimens, to Annoiting oils for temple ,body, burners, and more a sage swatch, and may even include from time to time amulets, Absalom, resins, charging plates tea lights, candles and more ! You will receive a rotation of intuitively selected items delivered directly to your door every month! All items will retail at a greater value and may include:

Smudge bundles, woods, petals, at least 5 or more gemstones, Oils, candles, charging plates, calderons, incense burners, oil burners, bath bombs, natural Soaps, altars and more......