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                                                  ANUAURA SHOP

Welcome to the AnuAura shop! Our name says it all literally. We are your one-stop metaphysic shop. We offer guidance and items to assist in your ascension journey! We challenge you to become an Etheric light body. Our mission is to Re'New the Aura, Re'New the mind, Re'New the body, and to Re'New the light within which is our motto "Creating Light Of A New Spectrum" ... We have many different catalogs with items to assist in your spiritual journey and renew the body. 

Our Catalogs include: Exotic crystals and gems* All Naturals Apothecary shop* our Magical Memberships subscription boxes & more!

  • We sell natural organic soap
  •  Aromatherapy & Oils
  • Sound Bowls & Tuning Forks
  • Candles ( Paraffin, Gel, and Soy) coming soon
  • Gems and Mineral stones!
  • Altars and Censers & More!
  • Incense, Resins Smudge sticks

To assist in your shopping experience,our website is divided into specific catalogs to enhance navigation. We assure to deliver quality products as listed! 

Within our monthly subscription boxes, you will receive tools essential for your ancestor altars & rituals alike. These tools will coincide with the month's moon cycle. Our concept is supreme & unique aligning the spiritualist & alchemist to oneness.These tools are to be used as a guide toward spiritual ascension to gather you along your charted journey & attract your etheric light body!

We thank you for visiting us today & look forward to meeting within the astral planes.